The weird world of Headteachering. The ten strangest days in the job so far.

“That’ll never happen! How could it? Surely those things don’t happen in real life!” Like many Headteachers, as part of my National Professional Qualification for Headteachering (NPQH), I had to complete a critical incident task. Much like Star Trek’s  impossible ‘The Kobayashi Maru’ training  task, this is a series of hypothetical things that happen simultaneously […]

How not to improve.

“Accelerated Learning!”  I left a dramatic pause to anticipate the excited rapture of my colleagues. They looked at me blankly. Some did their best to look interested. Others sighed. I had been a Deputy Headteacher at the Junior School in a sleepy market town for less than a month and it was my mission to […]

My 10 biggest mistakes as Headteacher

“Don’t do it Simon!” My Deputy was quite sure that it was a terrible idea. I looked out of the window in the airless training room and inwardly fumed. “They need to know!” I countered, “We’d been through it a hundred times! If they’d stuck to the bloody script we wouldn’t be here!” “It’s still a terrible […]