Are we making our children too fragile?

I’ve written and re-written this blog three times over the last three months. This is exactly three times and three months more/ longer than I usually think about these things. But I want to talk about resilience and mental health post-pandemic; choosing my words very, VERY, carefully. Because I’m not sure we, as a schooling […]

Why does your school exist?

In 1985, my Dad (a history teacher) decided that we should see Switzerland. At the time, Switzerland seemed a long way from Nuneaton – a industrial town on the edge of Coventry famed for it’s slag heap (Mount Judd). So that summer holiday, he packed me, my mum and my brother in the trusty Lada […]

Getting your first teaching job

“Netball..? I’d LOVE to coach Netball!” I’d never played netball. I knew literally nothing about netball. The Headteacher eyed me suspiciously. “It’s just… we really want someone who can take the netball club.” she said turning to the equally unconvinced Deputy. It was 26th June 1996. Later that day England would lose to Germany in […]

Finding the right words (v3)?!

On Christmas Day in 1940, a 21 year old Private stood alone for seven hours in the pouring rain on the seafront of Ryde, in the Isle of Wight. He guarded a barrage of artillery pieces which pointed out into the grey channel towards an unseen enemy which had, only months earlier, driven the British […]